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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 25, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight skyrocketing costs of committing a traffic violation. where the money goes after you pay your fine autos looking at lovely weather conditions but high fire danger. i'll have details in just a moment. a tragic turn of events a college student hit by a drunk driver. tonight her family reveals her hopes and drems. >> and we're live with deciding race of the america's cup and a look at how close it came to fulfilling it's economic promises. >> when you get cited for a traffic violation you'll wind up paying more tn a fine.
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tonight our investigation reveals how your money is being spent. good evening, everyone, i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. a man is fuming over the fines he had to pay to clear a traffic violation he didn't know he committed until a notice arrived in the mail. and derrick neil is not alone. as our media partner discovered fees for traffic infractions jumped for california drivers as state and local governments scramble for revenue. laura anthony slif tonight with the story. laura? >> hi, dan, well this is one of several interseks here where they have a full battery of traffic cameras. they record every driver's move for one man this, is where a simple moving violation led to a fine that gave him a serious case of sticker shock. >> this fee was outrageous. >> he didn't know he'd run a red light months earlier until a notice came with a link to a
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short video it showed my car braking with the taillight on, i came to the stop. i was doing about a mile or two an hour but there was not a car around. i romed through it. >> neil conceded he did the crime but the fine blew him away. >> $549 i haven't had a ticket in 20 years. >> in this case, the first $100 was a base fine for running the light. after that, a penalty assessment of $100, county assessment, dna fund, court construction, state surcharge, emergency medical services emergency air transportation, court operations. convictions assessments, 1ss today help pay for night court plus $59 for traffic school. the total, $549. >> we don't get a breakdown of that at the time of the ticket. >> ellen menldelson defends bay area drivers in red light cases and thinks the fees amount to an unfair tax.
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>> it is a unfair way to try to generate income for anything. i mean, it falls just disproportionately on people who may not be able to afford it. >> most of the money doesn't stay in the local area. >> how much does the city get? >> $100 that you saw is our portion. >> neil went to traffic court to ask for the fine to be reduced. but the judge didn't want to hear it. >> is there wiggle room? >> zero. nobody in the room got a reduction. >> neil paid the ticket. money he had to pull out of his savings. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> despite the moderate fall, temperatures we're experiencing we're about to enter a yofd high fire danger in the bay area. spencer christian is here with live doppler 7 hd ask a red flag warning. >> that is right. looking you can see sunny skies across the bay area, it's dry. one spot is not dry before
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going to the red flag warning over in this area between vacaville skb winter as long interstate 505. isolated showers but it's isolated. the bay area certainly dry across the board. and we have red flag warnings to friday afternoon at 3:00. winds out of the north at 15 to 25 miles per hour we'll have gusts from 35 to 45 miles per hour over the higher peaks. humidity will be below 30%. once again this is mainly for higher elevations. diablo raimpblgt i'll have a look at the accu-weather forecast, let me just show you current gusts we do have strong gusts across a wide range of the bay area now. strongest at sfo. 40 miles per hour. you can see why there is such a concern about fire was winds this strong. >> yes. certainly, thank you. >> an arrest tonight in the shocking killing of a san francisco state student shot to death monday night after getting off a muni street car.
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the 20-year-old justin valdez was a sophomore came from garden grove in southern california. investigators say valdez was shot in the back of the head near randolph and bright streets in the ocean view neighborhood for no apparent reason. police released this footage of the suspect in the killing and today, they arrested a 30-year-old who lives near the crime scene. police scheduled a news conpresence and skekted to release more information about this crime then. >> in the meantime, police say they're talking with three minors and an 18-year-old who were there when a homeowner was beaten unconscious saturday morning. police believe they have now identified everyone involved. david lamont is still in a coma in critical condition. he was with his wife, two daughters at their home when he went outside to check out loud voices in a field nearby. his wife found him beaten in the street. police say the four
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individuals have been cooperative and investigators say the 1-year-old is a person of interest. a bay area college student in a coma after being struck by a drunk driver has died. the 21-year-old riding home from the library when hit. she is from livermore. and that community is devastated. >> christina was known as tina. dozens gathered for a vigil outside of her parents home,. >> i'm in the mad. i'm just sad. it's a big loss for my family. it's a big loss for -- last night we had a candle light vigil. you can see everyone she touched, here. >> police say the 21-year-old was returning home after studying at the library when she was hit by a very
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intoxicated 19-year-old. his name, riley hoover. her friend said they had been studying together for hours. christina was a nursing student. >> she was the best. she was going to be an amazing nurse, caring loving. hard worker. >> her parents issued this statement through the hospital. it's incomprehensible the reckless act of a falling down drunk could cut short the life of a beautiful, talented person who had so much to contribute to our world. the parents decided to donate her organs, roxanne is a neighbor. >> there is no rhyme for reason. there is anger frustration. and that is taken from us. >> the family had gone through another tragedy in february. christina's brother was badly beaten at chico while visiting her. recently christina and her mother were interviewed after the man who punched her brother was finally convicted.
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the family is now asking that the man police say killed their daughter receive the most severe sentence. >> governor brown signed a bill raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour in two years saying it will put an extra $2 billion in low wage earners and signing it, he says is a matter of justice. >> our society is experiencing a growing gap between those at the top and at the commanding heights for the economy, those at the bottom and middle. the social fabric being ripped apart. today we sew it tighter together. >> this is raised to $10 an hour in 2014. >> america's cup trophy will
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be calling san francisco home for another three years. after being a race way winning oracle team usa claimed a viblgtry today. americans coast add cross the finish line 44 seconds ahead of the kiwis. and of wayne freedman has team coverage for us. let's begin with wayne and the cup presentation. >> we think we saw a little bit of everything. when a race today, it was historic. let's begin with details of that. this may have been the most watched sail boat race in history. millions on television screens riveted on to boats, race being neck and neck, do or die.
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two teams split the course and new zealand heading farther out to cal ka traz. >> i don't think they that stage. >> the boat nearly cap sized. by the time new zealand reached the mark oracl 500 meter lead. victory all down wind from there. team oracle accepted this trophy. experts calling it the greatest come back right up there for sports, too. how does the goat gain speed? ellyson would not say but this is what he told reporters he told the team after the race. >> i let them know that you know, you guys did? do you know? you just won the america's cup.
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just wanted to make sure they knew that. that is what i said. do you know what i said on the boat? that is what i said. do you know what you guys did? you just won the america's cup. >> and they did and will san francisco see another america's cup? ellison would not answer but did tell us that he has already received a formal challenge for the next one. who it came from, he would not say live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> tight lipped on a number of subject today. team usa wins big but what about the city? until today crowds were smaller than expected. keep in mind as abc 7 news explains so is the cost. america's cup won't turn out to be the financial wind fall san francisco thought it would be. a $1.4 billion economic bin ben fit but those involved say it won't be a bust, either.
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>> success. >> tim jeffrey is with the authority, the nem charge of the race. and he tells us that the four teams that came here to compete shelled out dough. >> one team we know for instance spent a million and a half dollars people have been renting cars and houses and buying food. >> leading up to today, the cup authority counted at least one million fans at the official venue. many of them are shopping. >> how much do you think you spent or will spend before the day is over? >> oh, maybe $80. >> and we're not saying this kiwi is typical. he says he spent $10,000 in san francisco. >> i have been here six weeks and bought a ticket today,. >> it was projected hosting the race would cost $32
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million. now, that is down to $20 million or less. private fund-raisers trying to ensure tax payers aren't left holding the bag raised $17 million and are still working. reese yents numbers called for the race to generate $900 million in economic activity. believing the televised images of the bay are priceless. >> you can't buy that kind of publicity. it does really kement san francisco as a preferred destination. >> look for the first financial tally in november. >> incredible. >> coming up next a developing story from sacramento. what some lawmakers want the governor to do to avert a bart strike. why some leaders think we should suffer through it. >> and i'm mike shumann. a preview of the game from st.
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louis coming up on abc 7 news. >> thanks shu what. google is doing to help brick and mortar stores compete against those online giants. stay with us female announcer: save up to 35%
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a group of republican lawmakers urged governor brown to call a special session to prevent a bart strike. they want to pass a bill forcing unions not to strike
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in the letter calling upon the governor to ensure this labor dispute does not create a transportation nightmare. abc 7 news is live tonight. the governor said no to this idea before. >> absolutely. you know we're at an event this afternoon. the governor addressed this issue directly calling for both sides to get serious in their negotiations because he says you thos r thousands depend on bart. today there are discussions about what should be done about charter busz some arguing there should be none because the price tag is too great to taxpayers. >> we have work to do. >> officials spent the morning discussing contingency plans in case workers walk off the job. >> we went back, sharpened pencils and looked at what we can be doing for the october strike. >> using numbers generated from july ncc believes the cost will be greater because traffic peaks in the fall and bart counts a 30% surge over
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their summer newspapers. bart users like david and his wife were hit hard last time the trains stopped running. >> 9 $5 to get to san francisco airport. >> bart is considering offering limited train service while mtv will charter buses on runs between east bay and san francisco. one board member says it will cost money to get buses rolling, money they'll never get back. >> there is a chance they can shuttle late in the night. so $900,000 just vaporizes. >> he believes commute qlerers may have to suffer and it would be better to work through issues if it takes them into the weekend with no service. >> atu president says they're
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at bargaining table now and two groups remain divided and are closer than they've been in months. that is not true. >> reaching a deal may be easier said than done. >> you haven't that -- can't have that. we're all in it together. >> teams have until october 10th toj reach an agreement before the state ordered cooling off ends. they meet again, on friday. >> 49ers red rd to take on the rams tomorrow and coming off two bad defeats. we're live tonight shu it's fun to have niners on the air. more fun if they win. >> and rams fwheemt at candle
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stick and tied them here in st. louis. we're in front of city hall. beautiful shot. arch in the background. 49ers hoping to change results from last year's game. it's only week four but 49ers already battling injuries. we ran into mick yil willhoyt's mother, jan. she said michael will probably get to start. alden smith out. and vorn ondavis is a game time zwigs hamstring. i asked how do you overcome such a quick turn around playing on sunday, then, thursday? >> don't think of it being a thursday night game. think of it being maybe a sunday game. in our mind.
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it's gooding to be a battle and a war wrechl to take care of our bodies. and just -- win. >> i'm breaking out stops wearing my lucky kaepernicking shirt yes i'm going to do it. here we go. see the guns there? do the guns show? hopefully that will bring us good luck. >> i'm going to steal the line from our floor director. kind of a darenger. >> that is mean. >> good line. >> coverage begins at 4:00 here on abc 7. look for special coverage on our web site our facebook page and twitter.
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they'll be here for after the game as soon as it ends ask will have reaction from vernon davis. he is granted special access after every game. >> that is a fun. >> let's talk about the weather. >> lovely weather here but concerns about fire risks. it's dry. and winds so strong. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. bewe did have clear skies. strong breeze as cross the bay aerk let me take you to the lake tahoe area. interesting mix of active weather in the late afternoon into early evening hours. some thunderstorms and a mix of rain and snow showers near the lake so now taking a look at lake tahoe and some current
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readings back nert bay area 61 degrees in san francisco. 64 oakland. and another live view from closer to home, sutro tower cam, we've got sunny skies and some clouds to the north. 69 degrees in santa rosa. 66 napa. novato, 64. 66 concord. livermore, 67. one more live view from our south beach camera in downtown san francisco, a warming trend beginning tomorrow, mild to warm throughout the weekend. we do have a red flag warning in affect for the higher terrain over the bay area. an area of low pressure moving into intermountain reej yinz
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of the northwest we have showers down into sierra and areas north of this of this squiggley green line. we had a spotty shower earlier. following time line here giving you an animation, you can see by tomorrow morning, and into afternoon, sunny skies, warmer air, but that is still not taking us out of the fire risk. winds will be strong. we'll follow animation and gusts strong now. continuing to be brisk during overnight hours and stronger gusts will shift inland tomorrow. almost 35 miles per hour gusts at fairfield. gusts at or above 25 miles per hour near the coast. overnight lows clear skies, breezy conditions lows into low 50s in locations and up into the north bay valleys upper 40s, then, tomorrow, high temperatures climbing into mid-70s into south bay
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about 74 san jose. mid-70s in the peninsula. east bay highs mid-70s upper 70s inland here is the accu-weather forecast. 80s around the bay, upper 60s on the coast. nice beach weather this weekend. >> thanks spencer. >> coming up find ggwill at the goodwill store. >> a woman lost thousands of dollars worth of jewelry he meets the woman who returned it.
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a grass fire in burlingame has not spread too widely yet from what we can tell it's a single alarm at this moment burning at california drive and dufrin. there are railroad tracks in the area. we'll keep td as need be. >> a goodwill worker became a good samaritan by having a keen eye through bags of clothes at goodwill's burlingame center a woman notified the agency she'd donated tiffany jewelry worth thousands of dollars. the warehouse processes 20,000
7:29 pm
items per day so chances of finding these items was slim but bonnie opened another bag. >> a ring box fell out. i opened it, i looked at the tag like wow. a ring, look at the rings like woah. >> sandra couldn't believe it when goodwill called to say her family heirlooms had been found. >> goodwill at goodwill. what an honest person. and i have faith in humanity again. >> the two met today, sandra offered a reward but policy said she cannot accept it. >> well, still coming up tonight at 6:00 chilling new images of a mass murderer at work you're going to see him roaming the halls of a navy yard. a what if you have medical coverage?
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good evening, a late update on washington navy yard shootings. hewlett-packard receivered tie was the company that employed the gunman. today hp says it holtds southbound contractors to high standards and say experts failed to respond to the issues. meantime, chilling surveillance video released by the fbi today showing him passing lieu the front door on september 16th where bags were not checked. alemsis armed himself with a shotgun and stocked hallways looking for people to shoot. he wrote messages on the weapon. >> etched in the words were quote not what y' all say, closed quote. and phrases better off this way, closed quote and quote,
7:34 pm
my e.l.f.weapon" closed quote. >> e.l.f.stands fr electromagnetic low frequency. 12 people died in the assault. the fbi says alexis act add lone. >> under obama care everyone in this country who doesn't have health insurance must get it starting january 1. how will it affect your coverage if you have it? that is the topic of part three in the series this week on health care reform. most californians haven't made changes to plsys in years but when open enrollment starts, everyone's plan will look different. that is because affordable care act goes into affect january 1. >> it will standardize the market. >> kaiser insures nearly nine million californians. most get insurance from employers. beginning in january everyone swril to choose a plan based
7:35 pm
on uniform categories. with these plans costs may go up, or down. and may cover from 60% to 90% of your costs. >> much like do you where you're looking at a car. and saying what kind of deductible doi want to pay? >> they range from zero to $5,000 depending on the level of service you choose. if you have insurance you likely won't see much of a change in the coverage. and but there are other changes mandated by the aferdable care act insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for preexisting conditions and if you do get sick this act makes illinois legal for companies to cancel your insurance. when it comes to rate
7:36 pm
increases they can raise your rates if you do get sick but are now accountable for those. as for doctor choice the law protects that. and when i it comes to health benefits the law ends lifetime and yearly dollar limits. aferdable health act guarantees your right to appeal any denial of care. >> blue shield of california insures about three million people. >> part of the insurance plans now is preventative coverage is covered and that includes adults and children. >> for many, expenses will likely go down. that is because affordable care act requires preventative care at no additional cost that. covers everything from blood pressure and depression screenings to vaccines, obesity screenings and mammograms. the law expands preventative coverage for children as well. the government compiled a list of what insurance companies must cover as preventive care
7:37 pm
we have a link for you and have a link to covered california the state's exchange for people who are not covered by their employers. >> that is a lot of information. >> there is. yes. >> coming up a service for when you don't have the time to wait. >> how it could
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competition is heating up for same day home delivery. >> google is shopping at local store autos yes. abc 7 news david louie explains how this works. >> palo alto sport shop has been in business over 80 years but only recently has been able to offer same day delivery. >> people like shopping with smaller businesses. with this will allow to us kmeet compete with amazon. >> the company best known for searching the web is in the shopping and delivery service. >> some of this is pretty new. we're a technology company. not a necessarily known for
7:41 pm
driving trucks around town. so that is why we're in beta for a year learning a lot. a lot of testers help us work out the kinks. >> google hybrid vehicles so busy from san francisco to san jose we couldn't catch up with one. so google created this video. you ma place orders then schedule a time. >> so i can stay home and watch hopes or something. >> delivery is free for the first six months. google hasn't figured out what to charge after that. miguel says during the test phase it is 10% of saechls a healthy increase coming from customers outs side of the area. ri says people are wiing a variety of item autos i saw an order fr a bicycle tube hard to come down for just one tube. and to with able taf 6 to have
7:42 pm
that is going to save the environment. >> google says it not collecting data or analytics on shoppers but hoping it's merchants will buy more advertising on google. >> when it has to be there this second. >> yes. >> coming up a warning to anyone who might be shopping for designer merchandise. >> yes. michael finney how to tell a knockoff from
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if you're a bargain hunt yes, how do you know if it's real or fake? >> spotting knockoffs is key. >> we spent a lot of money on this. >> it's forn get what you're paying for. only sure way to know is to
7:46 pm
know in you're buying from a flag ship store f you're trying to save money that is where it's easy to be duped. buying coture brands on the internet is easier but those who plan to drop hundreds or thousands take a risk. helen collects diane von furstenburg dresses and frequently buy used. >> i thought it was getting the genuine article of the it came in it was obvious it was a fake. the fabric was polliester opposed to silk. >> since then, she turned to buyers and sites that guarantee authenticity. >> we guarantee every listing is authentic. >> faye founded the site, and had been a professional authenticateor for many years, hired by sites like ebay to
7:47 pm
help them to resolve claims from customers. she says there are some things that everyone can look out for when spotting a fake. >> a lot of counter gets will be missing other tags such as the care label. >> goodwill gets valuable donations they've created a store on ebay. fabric, details of any particular design. these are the things we look for. >> she says it's fairly easy to identify a fake but there are some brands that can be difficult. hardest to goes is coach because there are good knockoffs. chanel puts authenticity kartds in their purse autos any time you see an authenticity card
7:48 pm
with a rainbow affect, you know that bag is counterfeit. >> the real ones have a matt gold border. something to look for in expensive shoes is leather sole autos high end brands the sole is made out of ledger there is a natural curve to the way it drapes across the shoe. >> if you have the shoe you can tell a fake by the way it sounds. >> knock on it and scratch you can tell it's made out of plastic. >> goodwill director of marketing says you'll only find high end coture donations in our shop autos anything proven to be counterfeit we dispose of. >> the law also holds importer of counterfeit goods liable. u.s. customs and border protection import specialist
7:49 pm
says if it's headed to you is seized before arriving you're the importer and you are liable. >> penalty is equal to domestic value. >> okay this, is important so i want to go over it again, if you're buying a counterfeit purse for let's say, 12s skdz it's real value is $1,000 and they catch you, you can be penalized $1,000. if you think you spotted a fake there are several face plaiss to report offenders if you want to know where i've got links. so if worth a thousand, you're getting it for 12? >> don't participate. >> update now on breaking news. sky 7 above burlingame. we can confirm it's grass burning in this area. no homes are at right aftight ar this ook that is good news.
7:50 pm
>> our breaking news coverage continues right now on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> let's update the weather forecast. >> okay. you know we have dry conditions and windy conditions so are concerned about high fire danger. higher terrain until friday afternoon. clear skies and continues to be breezy, tomorrow, dry, mild conditions from top to bottom. tahoe a mix of snow and rain. bay area, milder weather than today. high temperatures into upper 70s rather, up to 78 in our inland locations here is the accu-weather forecast. warmest day will be saturday.
7:51 pm
80 around the bay and upper 60s on the coast. great weather but we can use rainfall. it's dry out there. >> yes. [ maragno ] if the car was invented today, it would run on the most affordable energy source available. it would charge overnight. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million gas-free miles driven and automatic hov lane access, the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf.
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nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪
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good evening, hopes of capturing best record in all of baseball slipping away from the a's right now. this is the last meeting of the year but you don't want to test the arm of josh redic. that is a bad idea, gunned down. josh hamilton grounds it to first. they add a couple more in the fifth. a base hit allowing three runs
7:55 pm
and skpism two thirds. and he goes down. they're a game and a half behind boston for best record over all with three to play. forgotten will be this. race number 13, friday. kiwis were ahead and sailing to certain victory. then, the wind died. new zealand crossed finish line first but took over 40 minutes to complete the race. and that meant it didn't count in the standings. anyway, close earlly. winds 16 knots, captain.
7:56 pm
and whatever adjustments the oracle yacht was just faster, that is it. finishing off the greatest come become in a series that began in 1851. much of the focus centeredded around their offense, i'll tell you defense has issues only one take away in the last two games. and tote yam plays 104. so, that means offense isn't on the field much tonight. the time is spegs out. >> going to find a way on the field more we have to find a way to get off the field and i
7:57 pm
think we can eliminate the score. >> many times on the field you know making field goals and not making give them touchdowns. >> another edition tomorrow night at 11:00, one on one with mike shumann after the game. vernon's view and concussion protocols after quarterback terrell pryor was knocked out. that head coach says he didn't show signs of concussion that, is why he stayed in two more plays. >> i feel confident we followed protocol and did what we're supposed to do. i think we understand the imemphasis based on player safety in this regard. we don't want to put a player in danger. so when medical personnel feel
7:58 pm
he's fine and he's cleared to play he'll be out there, practicing and playing. >> we'll see if he is okay to play against redskins. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up, unplugged and off line, americans who have no use for the internet. >> then at 11:00 ever wanted to drive a tesla but not ready to drop $70,000 on an electric car? now there is a way to take one home for a fraction of the sticker price. >> and another night of premiers. >> it's available online and on demand through watch abc app. >> check it out when you can. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. our breaking news continues.
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>> thanks for joining us everyone. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. female announcer: save up to 35% female announcer: on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get two years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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